By popular demand: Little Gray

A few people have asked me for an update on the foster kitty that we took in. Well, here he is! We’ve dubbed him “Little Gray,” and he’s a real sweetheart. I think my brother is going to take him in. Don’t you think my brother should take him in? Please tell my brother he should take him in!

Now, I did try to get a picture of Little Gray looking right at the camera, but there are two reasons why that doesn’t work. First of all, it turns out he’s a bit of a ham, and when he sees the camera pointed at him he immediately rushes toward me and I miss the shot.

Secondly, the reason he is usually looking away from the camera — as in the photo to the right, for example — is that he is keeping a close eye on his adoring fan, Fritz:

The good news is that if Big Brother takes in Little Gray, Fritz will still get to visit him. Yay for my Big Brother! Yay for Fritz! Yay for Little Gray?



  1. Tell your brother that gray cats are considered a lucky charm in (fill in whatever obscure country you can think of). Little Gray may be his ticket to winning the lotto.

  2. LOL! I think he’s really just counting on Little Gray to keep the mice out of the greenhouse, but the lottery wouldn’t hurt!

  3. Oh brother of sue, please take little gray. He is such a sweetie. I kinda of wish that sue j. would keep him so I could visit with him. 😦

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