Erratic posting today …

No, not erotic posting:

I DO love working in academia! I get two days off for spring break, and I don’t even teach the students! How lucky is THAT?

Of course, I woke up today with a list a mile long of things to get done between today and tomorrow, and if I get HALF of them done, I’ll be lucky. It’s not that I haven’t been busy today &#151 I’ve walked the dog, dropped off the cat to get neutered (vet just called, he’s fine, he’s sleeping it off, and I can get him at 5:30), had breakfast with friends, filled out my basketball brackets &#151 and it’s barely noon!

At this rate, I might need a nap ….



  1. Thanks Donald!

    It’s been a great day — I encourage everyone to take a “spring break” whether you work in education or not.

  2. will wait till it is a little more springlike here in maine. still have snow on the ground and barely getting above freezing during the day! not conducive to spring fever!

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