Sex or Substance? The MSM makes its choice

Yesterday the The National Archives and the William J. Clinton Presidential Library released 11,000 pages of documents concerning Hillary Clinton’s schedule as First Lady. The records of meetings and appointments show her substantive involvement in issues at a historic and unprecedented level for a First Lady.

ABC news, however, chose this morning to highlight the juicy tidbit that Sen. Clinton was in another part of the White House on the day President Clinton was playing “hide the cigar” with Monica Lewinsky in 1997.

Because, you know, that’s relevant.



  1. substantive involvement in issues? a bit of a spin don’t you think? weren’t most of the meetings on a ceremonial basis, acting as first lady? using that logic, nancy reagan or laura bush, having met as many world leaders, would be equally qualified to be president. oh, i don’t think so. but, i do agree, the major news outlets reporting that she was present in the white house when bill and monica were fooling around, was low, and had no reporting value. you would expect that on fox, but saw the same report on nbc’s today show. quality reporting!! i personally think the releasing of the documents didn’t prove or disprove much of anything.

  2. playing hide the cigar? okay, you can’t write that and have me be serious…

    but I am tagging you to write a six word memoir… give you a break from the crazy political world.

    and a three word description of your life.

    don’t yell at me, yell at the woman who tagged me to do it!

  3. don’t take my comments wrong, they were not meant to insinuate hillary is not qualified to be president, she totally is. but not from her experiences as first lady. she is, because of a lifetime of work, which includes serving in the senate, as well as being first lady.

  4. Donald, Hillary Clinton was involved in public policy beginning just 4 days after the inauguration when she held meetings on Campaign Reform and Health Care. She was not a dinner hostess occasionally spouting “Just Say No” or whatever that drivel was that Laura Bush said about her anti-gang “initiative” that went no where.

    Hillary Clinton’s experience as First Lady was like none other, and the press could investigate that angle. If you look at her day-to-day life in the White House and still think she’s not qualified, that’s fine. But please don’t dismiss her time in the White House as being just like Nancy Reagan or Laura Bush. It couldn’t have been more different.

  5. Sara …. oh MAN!

    I hate those things, but I’ll think about it and see if I can come up with something.

  6. i don’t dismiss it, just maybe i don’t put as much weight on it as others might. like i said, i do feel she is totally qualified. but, the release of the documents didn’t make me feel more or less so.

  7. I’m glad she released the documents – I think it would have made her look bad if she didn’t release them before the Pennsylvania primary. I’m glad that they show she does have more experience in policy than most First Ladies; it should only work to her advantage, I would think.

    I agree, it is ridiculous for them to focus on only the juicy sex bits. But it’s typical. Our media are reprehensible in their lack of relevance to anything that matters.

  8. Our media are reprehensible in their lack of relevance to anything that matters.

    Mauigirl, beautifully said!!

  9. Donald, I don’t think her time as First Lady is what qualifies her to be president, either. I was just so annoyed to hear the media immediately focus on the “juicy bits.”

  10. on that, i couldn’t agree with you more!! i don’t think the major media outlets are capable of non tabloid coverage. it sickens me!

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