Shortest memoir, ever!

Thanks a LOT to Sara at Suburban Lesbian Housewife for tagging me with the following meme:

Write a memoir of six words.

You have no idea how difficult this is. One of my personal projects at the moment is to write a series of essays that are in fact a memoir, trying to explain and understand how exactly it is that I got to this place where I am today. It’s not been direct from A to Z. In fact, when I interviewed for my current job — which I love, by the way — one of my interviewers looked over my resume and said with a smile, “Interesting journey!” It has been — and I hope will continue to be. So, mid-forties, about to reach “late forties,” my 6-word memoir is:

Oh! It all makes sense now!

And part deux of this meme: Describe your life in three words ….

Where’s the dog?



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