Did Sinbad Save America From Nuclear Annihilation?

Posted at the Wonkette, reported as only they can ….

Funnyman “Sinbad” was once simply known as “America’s Entertainer,” but after his heroic unmasking of the monster Hillary Clinton’s “foreign policy experience” claims about dodging sniper fire in Bosnia, historians may well have another title for the beloved comic: The Funnyman Who Saved America.

It was a story seared into the memories of all Americans: Hillary Clinton, Sheryl Crow, Chelsea Clinton and Sinbad went to Bosnia to bring peace this one time, probably during the 1990s. But only Sinbad had the courage to tell the real story: That these women really went to Bosnia to hatch a terrible lie that could’ve very well put the senile lunatic John McCain in the White House, which would’ve led to Total Nuclear Devastation.

Read more about how Sinbad saved America here.



  1. that was not quite the bosnia post i was expecting from you, but, knowing you are a hillary supporter, i give you BIG bonus points for at least putting the bosnia gaffe out there. they are ALL human, and ALL politicians. it is so easy to misspeak at times.

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