Spring sightings

As I’ve mentioned before, I work on a beautiful university campus. One of my favorite things to do in nice weather like today is to walk around in the sunshine and clear my head. Life’s too short to sit in front of this monitor all day long.

But I must report to you a disturbing fashion trend I am witnessing on campus. There is an alarming amount of madras. People! It wasn’t a good look in the sixties, and it’s not good now. Please, stop the madras!

Also, who is this “Hollister”? and why is everyone wearing his shirt?



  1. I had no idea what you were talking about when you said “madras”, thanks for the visual. My gosh…UGLY! I’ll tell ya…kids today, what are we going to do with them? Of course, back in my day we had Nehru jackets, bell bottoms, and hot pants…not much to brag about there. Oh…and let’s not forget the white (peppermint flavored) lipstick. Nothing like looking like you were just embalmed to turn a guy on, eh?

  2. I just wish the kids today would find original ways of dressing ugly, instead of stealing from us!

  3. Holly is the nickname for “Hollister”? And YOU thought “Hollister” was a guy…. shame on you.

  4. Wow, I hadn’t thought about madras since, well, when I wore it back in the 60s … yikes! Are they also wearing the little beaded choker necklace? I made my own … ha


  5. next will be the layered izod shirts with the collars flipped up.

    and topsiders.

    my son has madras shorts. like… oh my god, sue… whatever…

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