Hope, change, a beer and a shot!

As long-time Jello Heads will know, we play a little drinking game around here. Every time we hear Barack Obama use either the word “hope” or “change,” we do a shot (much like the game “Hi Bob” of years ago).

And now, it looks like Hillary Clinton’s playing along, too! Maybe next time she’s choose a jello shot, instead of boring old whiskey!



  1. ah, that’s my kind of woman. spitting and drinking whiskey!

    I bet obama would be worried about the calories…

  2. mary ellen, remember when they ran that photo of Obama “romping” in the surf? I think he’s better off to stay with the suit & tie, personally ….

    just sayin’

  3. When I saw this on the local news, I was “hoping” Hillary would throw the shot back, slam the glass down and say,”O.K., let’s go kick some butt”.

  4. Obama is so stiff, he is now stating that Hillary is pandering to the working class by drinking with voters in an Indiana bar.

  5. sara, you know, I’ve never been so much into the spitting part. Whiskey, yes. Spitting, eh.

    I’ll tell you what I would have loved — if she’d dropped the shot glass in the beer mug and had a true boilermaker.

    Maybe that’ll come after she wins the nomination! (And then I say we all join her!)

  6. in truth, sue, I’m such a well groomed WASP, I’d rather choke to death than spit.

    but it sounds great…

  7. sara, yeah, it always sounds great, doesn’t it?

    but living with a drinkin’, spittin’ woman would probably get old pretty quick, I think….

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