43% of your taxes pay for war

Now that your taxes have been filed, you are officially a sponsor of war. Forty-three cents out of every dollar you paid in 2007 goes for military spending (click to enlarge image):

In other words, we spend 43 cents to blow ’em up, and 1 penny to help ’em out later. Nice diplomacy, Condy.

Here’s a thought: when you receive your bribe complete waste of money we don’t have economic stimulus check next month, please consider putting at least a part of it toward funding peace by donating to the Friends Committee on National Legislation. (Yeah, the Quakers — the same ones Cindy McCain steals from!)



  1. I wish I could put some toward funding peace. Instead I have to put it on my credit card. There goes that boob job I was going to get….sigh.

  2. send it to Amnesty International to make up for the horrible things our government does to the rest of the world.

  3. Liberality, AI is a great idea, too.

    I think what’s important is that we don’t all just say “Oh cool! Money!” and go out and buy crap that we don’t need. And in fact, most people I know say they’re planning to put it towards paying bills. So maybe $5, $10, or $20 could go toward funding peace. Any little bit really would help.

  4. How much good would that 43% do if it was spent at home? How much less debt would there be if we weren’t borrowing that lofty amount from China to fund a war that has done very little?

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