Rocky XXXIVCMII OR Dems debate in Philly tonight

O.k., I have no idea if that’s a real number in the headline. But I do know that Clinton and Obama will be debating tonight on ABC. And it’s been literally weeks since we last saw these two on stage together. Who will it be tonight? Obama the charmer? Or snarky Obama of “You’re nice enough” fame? Will Clinton be able to walk that impossible tightrope the American public insists upon for her of being really really tough but still a lady?

The polls are up and down and every which way, so I just don’t know. But I do know this: be sure you have a tall glass of your favorite beverage nearby as you watch the debate tonight.

Let the “Obama Drinking Games” begin!



  1. I don’t know if I can bear to watch another one. But I may feel compelled. It’s like a sickness!

  2. It will be Snobama tonight. There is no way that I can conceive that he will be a gentleman. I hope she nails him on all his lies about the lobbyists. This isn’t a time for Hillary to be demure. She has to be tough and cool under fire. Sometimes she has a habit of letting him insult her and she moves on without correcting him.

    I’ll lay odds…within the first few minutes, he’ll stand real close to her and look down at her. He does this at every debate. If he doesn’t do it in the beginning, he’ll do it at the end.

  3. my wife made me go out to dinner last night. no watching the debate, she said, it makes you nutty.



    NYTimes seems to think Obama was on the ropes all night. which means- I’m sure- Clinton was a bitch.

    but we know… BITCH IS THE NEW BLACK, BABY!!

  4. well … I fell asleep.

    But my greatest impression from the time I did watch was first of all, that for once, the moderators followed up on questions to both candidates, and even said “You didn’t really answer my question.” That was a first!

    Obama didn’t win any points with me, but then I’m a tough sell for him. I’m still very wary and suspicious of him and he didn’t change my mind on that last night. Several times he suddenly started picking at things Clinton has said in the past, which didn’t really seem necessary in his answer and instead seemed a little snarky.

    Admittedly, I didn’t watch the whole debate, so I can’t say Clinton didn’t do the same thing. But I didn’t see it.

    I thought she came off stronger in her answers. She seemed to state things more clearly and concisely. Maybe Obama is worried that what he says will be taken out of context (again) but he seemed to talk in broader terms and his answers seemed to go on a bit longer than hers.

    I would be interested to know what others thought of the debate. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  5. i did not, and will not, watch anymore democratic debates. neither one of the candidates is impressing me, and i refise to waste my time trying to keep score of the he said/she said stuff. both side will just spin it to what they think is their advantage either way. it is getting pretty sad, as far as i am concerned. ready for it to be over and get on to taking the white house back from the republicans, if the democrats haven’t already shot themselves in the foot!

  6. Wow. I just visited some pro-Obama sites and apparently there’s a move on to call ABC and complain about the way the debate was run.


  7. suej- Did you hear that stupid remark about Hillary and how someone said that she said something to them after a rally and she didn’t know it was being recorded? How stupid was that? She said, “I’ll look into that”. How many times does he hear people ask him stuff in the handshaking lines after a rally and I’ll lay odds he’ll say the same thing! Obama came off so smarmy when he did that. Hillary just smiled as if to say, “that’s all you got?”

    Yeah, Obamabots are all up in arms and want to boycott ABC. I didn’t hear them whining when Hillary was taking a beating by Russert. That was ok, they all praised Russert for being tough and smart. Do they see their hypocrisy?

    If Obama can’t handle a debate, he sure as hell won’t be able to face the Republican party in the general election. All this stuff about Ayers, Auchi, Rezko, and Wright are going to be in 527 ads constantly. McCain has already solidified his base and the undecideds and Independents who sided with Hillary after the debate said they wouldn’t vote for Obama in the general, but would vote McCain. I hope the SD’s were watching that.

  8. mary ellen, yes! When he said that bit about “well she said this on stage and then she said this off camera to somebody after a rally” I too, thought “that’s so lame!” He sounded like a tattle tale, not a president!

    All of the debates have been such a farce that I am really surprised at the reaction of the Obama camp over this one.

    Where was the outrage when Tim Russert asked Dennis Kucinich about UFOs?

    I missed the first 45 minutes and I guess the questions were more about the candidates than about issues. Kind of like reading Huffington Post, if you ask me! And ironically, the first half is apparently when Obama did best according to viewer ratings. Once it got to substance, Clinton got better viewer responses …..

  9. suej- I mentioned on another blog that Obama looked like a school kid who studied for the wrong test. He was lost when it came to the real issues. Unless he is working with a script which someone else wrote for him, he sucks. This guy can’t think on his feet. He may be good at memorizing speeches and he has a great delivery, I’ll give him that. But it’s just empty words. He doesn’t understand the complexities of the economy, foreign policy, or health care. He’s got tunnel vision and can’t think outside the box.

    You nailed it…a tattle tale! LOL! “Teacher…she said a bad thing!” whine whine whine.

  10. I taught middle school for 6 years. His statement was a flashback to a certain type of student I always found annoying …

  11. suej- Looks like Obama was caught red handed, lying at the debate. I just wrote a post about it. Not so much because I was surprised, but I had a dancing clown video I’ve been dying to use. 😉

  12. so sue, does that mean you will be voting for mccain if he wins the nomination?? like i said, you democrats are shooting yourselves in the foot!

  13. donald, I would never ever ever EVER vote for Johns McCain.

    If Obama is the nominee, I will say little prayer and pull the lever. The fact that he will be the best option is a sad statement on America.

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