For the love of dogs

I didn’t mention that on Tuesday evening, after a very long day — which began with a beautiful funeral service but ended many, many hours later — my boy Fritz sensed that we desperately needed a distraction. So, with barely enough time to make it to the regular vet’s before she closed, he ran into a piece of wire fencing, causing a deep gash just below his right eye. You can click on the image to see a closeup of his newly shaved eyebrow and his stitches.

And as you can also see, it doesn’t seem to be bothering him much. He leaves the stitches alone, and does not seem too self-conscious about the shaved eyebrow. (What, will he insist on a piercing next?) And now, 3 times a day we have the distracting chore of applying antibiotic cream to the stitches. That, he hates. So that’s fun.

And as you can see from the picture at right, he is being a little bit coy about his new look, but is still trying to cheer us up with his usual goofy smile.

The cat, however, is not impressed.



  1. Donald, it does indeed. There’s nothing like children and animals to remind you of that!

    Sara, if not a piercing, then how about a nice madras bandanna?

  2. I think Fritz’s one sided eyebrow shave is the start of a new trend….
    Tell him I approve that he is trying to make you smile.

    How do you like your hair by now?

  3. Before I read the comments, I was going to say he should get a new madras scarf! however, I see some of us are thinking the same thing.

    Ditto on Donald’s comment! The present moment is all we have.

  4. Ha! What comes next, smoking? Drinking? (He has been known to take a sip from a poorly placed glass of beer before …. seems to prefer a stout)

  5. Oh, poor puppy! One of my four idiots did the same thing last summer. He got a nasty gash above his eye but thankfully didn’t need stitches. Hope he heals up soon!

  6. Aw, poor Fritz! I’m glad he’s OK. It does indeed distract us from all the other craziness if one of our furry friends gets hurt. It kind of puts everything else in perspective.

  7. What?????? Fritzerby was injured? He’s one good dog, for sure, and I hope he heals well. I have the camera ready for a shot of him and Krazy Kat in matching madras. Talk about your Kodak moment!

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