While you wait ….

Hectic day today, so I’ll leave you with this nice meeting of “my boys,” Fritz the Dog and his BFF Earl.

As many of you remember, Earl the cat was taken in by Unnamed Partner and me a few months ago — at which time Fritz seemed to feel he had found his new best buddy. Unfortunately, the other two cats of the house did not share Fritz’s enthusiasm, so Earl moved on to live with Big Brother and the Parents. Earl is now living the life of Reilly doing quite well there. We went for a visit last weekend and it was nice to see that once a BFF, always a BFF!

Hopefully I’ll be back before the day’s up with another post I’m working on, but you know how jobs can be. Sometimes they really get in the way of things!



  1. I was just visiting my daughter in PA and had my dog with me (Chocolate Lab). She has two cats and a Siberian Husky (the Husky has been at my house many times and is friends with my dog). But, the cats really gave my poor dog a hard time. She loves cats and whenever she sees one, she’s ready to play. She doesn’t get rough, but walks up slowly while wagging her tail. Before you know it..SWAT! She gets hit in the face. She spent the entire four days trying to make friends with those cats but they wouldn’t hear of it. But they did like sitting in a chair, trying to grab at that tail of hers that never stops wagging.

    I love cats, but have allergies, so it’s not much fun for me to be around them.

  2. my best companion ever, jesse, although now departed, got swatted by a cat when she was a puppy, and for the rest of her long life, she gave all cats a wide berth, although she loved them and would always try to make friends with them.

    great shot, thanks!

    don’t you just hate it when work gets in the way of your life!!

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