Perhaps I should go away more often

Although I am a little disappointed to come home and see that you all did not in fact finish the bathroom for us, I am also quite relieved to see that there is no evidence of a jello-shot party here, either!

What can I say? We had a wonderful time, and with only occasional opportunities to go online — plus the fact that we forgot the cord to download from the camera to the laptop, so I couldn’t post any photos — there just wasn’t much time to blog. I thought about blogging quite a bit, and went into my own withdrawal, there is no doubt. But it was also nice to fully experience the moment, without the constant thought in the back of my head (“Oh — I’ve got to post about that!”) Bloggers, you know what I’m sayin’ ….

Well, now all photos have been downloaded and you, my friends, are in grave danger of me deciding that “you must look at slides from my vacation,” as we used to say back in the old days. I won’t subject you to that. But I’ll show you a couple of examples why I was too busy to write:

This is me at “The Falls of Lana” near Lake Dunmore in Vermont. (I love that name — I kept looking for The Lady of the Lake!) The hiking trails were easy and well maintained, but of course we crawled over rocks to get down to the water. The water was so cool and clear, Unnamed Partner took off her shorts and went for a dip, but I’m not allowed to post those photos …

We took the gondola to the top of Killington and walked around up there (which sure is a lot easier to get around when there’s no snow, but I guess if I were a better skier I’d appreciate the unbelievably long trails a little more…) There was no wi fi at the top of Killington ….

And you know we ate well on our journey, because we always do! Most of the time we stayed with my relatives in Rutland, Vermont, and in Odessa, New York, and they all took such good care of us! We had many great meals and conversations. On our jaunt out to Odessa, we also stopped in at the Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca:

I have much more to tell you about, and some more images to post (including me marching with the Rutland County Democrats in the Brandon Vermont 4th of July Parade, which is led by Warren Kimble. And yes, I was wearing an Obama sticker. I’m all about taking back the White House — but I’m still going to take him to task on FISA, gun control and the death penalty.)

Thank you for indulging me in this absence, and for keeping each other entertained while I was gone. I always tell people that I enjoy blogging because I’ve met the most interesting people here! Honestly, I was worried that if I didn’t post for 10 days you all might wander away and never come back. But to be in such a serene place — both physically and spiritually — I knew I’d just let it be, and see what happened.

O.k. But for now, I’ve got a bunch of laundry to do.



  1. Welcome back! Thanks for sharing the great photos and some of your experiences. Lovely!

    And while I am sorry about the bathroom, I meant to get it done, really. However, I am glad that my jello-shot-soiree was not at all noticable. I was worried.]

    This is my outlook exactly! “And yes, I was wearing an Obama sticker. I’m all about taking back the White House — but I’m still going to take him to task on FISA, gun control and the death penalty.”

    And BTW, do you think that a 10 day absence is all it takes to get rid of us?

    Pul-eeze. You do have some idea of who you are dealing with, right?

    Seriously- I was just talking to another blogger yesterday and we discussed how amazing it is to meet and know so many wonderful people on-line. It is really a gift.

    Welcome back. Have fun with the laundry!

  2. Ditto to Franiam’s comments! I do have to reiterate though the comment on “you think you can get rid of us that easy”. Great shots, very peaceful. Looks like unnamed partner is partying off with one of the prize morsels while you are smiling for the camera though. Check out Tengrain’s blog when you get caught up. Seems the tide has turned a little bit. Most who had such nasty things to say about Hillary are going to task about Obama trying to secure votes by moving to the middle. It’s now writing in Dennis or voting green for them. IT’S POLITICS, PEOPLE! Glad to know you understand “taking back the White House. Remember whites-warm, colors-cold. Great to have y’all back!

  3. P.S. Sorry about the bathroom not getting finished…we started with the jello shots and never seemed to get around to the loo.

  4. People! You cannot start the drinking — or the jello shots — until the work is done!

    Oh well. Somehow, it doesn’t stress me to look at the bathroom in disarray. It’ll get done.

  5. We couldn’t help it…. We needed the jellos shots so badly and we were discussing how best to get the bathroom finished and enjoying one shot and another and… well – at least we left no evidence of the party. *hangs head* sorry we did not get the bathroom done….
    Very glad you are back! VERY GLAD you had a good time! and YES, we have to work on getting the White House back but Obama HAS to also know what WE the people want, and what WE the people expect from him 9and deserve)!
    The rest of Congress needs to know also. They are suppposed to work for US. What a bunch of …

  6. Welcome back!

    You mean we didn’t finish the bathroom? You’d better check with your neighbors, then.

    It looks like a wonderful time. Those are great pix. I’m looking forward to more!

  7. I am also quite relieved to see that there is no evidence of a jello-shot party here, either!

    Pheew! You didn’t look underneath your sofa cushions! I couldn’t find your trash bags, so it may be a bit sticky from the jello. Sorry.

  8. You guys could’ve at least re-filled the ice trays before you left.


    And why does the dog have that silly grin all the time now?

  9. I brought Lupa…Her and Fritz had a BLAST! We ran out of cups for more shots because they kept running off with the empties to totally clean them out. Then we had to use the ice trays…

  10. Ah well, Morgan, that explains it then. Fritz is a bit of a booze hound (never put a bottle of beer on the floor next to your chair at my house — he’ll be slobbering all over it before you know it!) and he’s a real sucker for the ladies!

  11. Such a lovely part of the country – and my kind of vacation.

    May you find “re-entry” as painless as possible.


  12. Thanks Janet. I’m doing what I can — I schedule a doctor’s appointment for the middle of the day today so I had to take a sick day!

    Back to reality for sure, tomorrow.

    *heavy sigh*

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