The real fear about marriage equality

(Click image for larger view)
h/t to Yikes!



  1. that’s because if we’re going to party all night, we have to be wearing “sensible shoes.”

  2. Yes, Unnamed Partner and I secretly hope Maryland doesn’t legalize equal marriage, because we know we could never pull off the “Fabulous” wedding.

    Donald, will you come advise us?

  3. Hey, thanks for the link! I’m at the NOW conference in Bethesda this weekend … wish the two of you were here!


  4. of course i will come and advise and even bring lobsters for the celebration!! but, only if you promise not to be throwing darts at me in the picture of the “the girls” sara posted, when i write comments!

    oh, i forgot, i am not suppose to torment you with lobsters anymore. from now on i will just call them unnamed maine crustaceans!

  5. unnamed maine crustaceans!

    I would never throw darts at you, (or your picture, rather!) Donald, because you crack me up too much!

  6. In the words of Kinky Friedman (in his failed Texas gubinatorial bid), “leave no lesbian behind.” Talk about a policy we can all agree on, huh?

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