Grammar Head alert!

I can’t help it. I’ve spent too many years as a professional proofreader and copy editor to avoid noticing how often we mangle the English language. So I was “thrilled” when I stumbled across The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks.

It’s “brilliant!” Also not to be missed are:

Lowercase l

Apostrophe Abuse

Passive Aggressive Notes

And yes I am aware, thank you very much, that Grammar is #99 on the big list of Stuff White People Like …



  1. LOL! The apostrophe abuse is hilarious! All of those links were great, thanks!

    Personally, I love to over use the (…) in my comments and post texts. I know it’s annoying to people which shows my passive aggressive side,I guess….


  2. I’m in lots of trouble also.

    But I really like the grammar blogs. Thanks for sharing them. I think I will share them with 2 students I know.

  3. Oh — I’m not immune. Sometimes I read a sentence I wrote earlier in the day and I just have to say … “yuck!”

    Cootamundra w, I have a feeling your 2 students might enjoy looking for examples in “the real world”

  4. These blog’s are entirely too funny. Reading them let’s me know I’m not the only one who find’s grammar interesting. I do love the misuse of the apostrophe. Grammar is just interesting for it’s own sake. My favorite apostrophe misuse is getting a greeting card signed, for instance, The Brown’s. Sometimes you see that on a sign or a large rock in front of a house. Of course, in that case they may be trying to tell us that the rock belongs to them. Maybe that’s why it’s in their yard as opposed to being in the neighbors’ yard. I don’t know. As an English teacher, I see so many variations on the language that it’s not funny. Well, sometimes it is funny, but in a sad sort of way. One other grammar note. Where in the world do newscasters go to school? I always take a grammatical error by one of them as a personal affront. If they want me to listen to their shallow, biased “news”cast ( apostrophe use intended) they can at least use correct grammar.

  5. here’s where i go nuts w/ grammar- those who cannot distinguish the following:



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