Big Cat update: Here Kitty kitty

I’m sure you are all concerned that each day my life is in imminent danger whenever I step outside. After all, there were numerous reports of cougar sightings on the university campus where I work. Despite the fact that I work “inside the beltway” in a fairly urban area. Still, danger lurks behind every shrub. But I do what I must do, and I navigate my way through these dangers every day.

Except that it’s not a cougar at all. It’s a “Savannah Cat.” Which looks like this:

Cute, no? Sure it is — there’s even an international Savannah Cat Breeders Association. Because Savannah cats are hybrids of domestic cat and a Serval. And although the original emergency alert about the cougar sighting claimed it was “50 pounds” the largest Savannah ever reported was 40 pounds, according to Wikipedia. My favorite part of that entry is this:

Savannahs have been described as friendly, assertive, active, playful and interested in dogs and children.[8] They are commonly compared to dogs in their loyalty, and they will follow their owners around the house like a canine. They can also be trained to walk on a leash like a dog, and even fetch.[9]

And by the way, here’s what a cougar looks like:

I’m kind of surprised we didn’t raise the Terror Alert Level on this one. Damn terrorist felines!


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