Corporations: The least they could do is buy us dinner first

Case One:

A week ago, the big news was that American drivers drove 9.6 billion fewer miles in May than they did a year ago. So, clearly $4.00 per gallon is what it takes for us to change our driving habits. Okay, so that’s good for our wallets and it’s good for the environment. In fact, it’s really only bad for the oil companies’ profits. And you remember how much profit Exxon Mobil made last quarter, don’t you? $11.7 billion?

So now that we’re driving less, and presumably lessening their profits, what have the oil companies done? They’ve lowered the price of gas — so that we’ll all start driving more!

Case Two:

At the risk of being told to adjust my tin foil hat, I do find it a little suspicious that at the same time that China was in the news for blocking access to “blacklisted web sites,” Blogger — which is owned by Google — was undergoing a meltdown due to an overactive filter, which locked down many of its blogs.

I find it suspicious because, as you’ll remember, Google famously worked with the Chinese government to create China’s own version of Google — one which censors anything the Chinese government finds “objectionable.” So is it really such a stretch to think that there may be a connection between the the history of censorship between these two entities and the very odd technical glitches of Blogger?

Yes, I’ll go back to the grassy knoll now.



  1. ROFL, Yes I think a conspiracy is definitely in the making or has been made or something to that effect. I also vote for conspiracy when it comes to corporate greed. As hubby says, they don’t have ot actively collude. If there are only 4 companies don’t you figure they kinda know without discussing it how best to gouge the public? Duh. Hope you like your new home. You look sooooo sophisticated here.

  2. You look sooooo sophisticated here.

    Oh my! I hope no one takes that picture too seriously — I think I look downright ridiculous in it, and that’s why I love it!

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