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So, I recently found out that I have quite a few fans in the federal government who read this blog, but never post comments because, well reading is just reading, but commenting crosses the line into “blogging.” It’s a shame, but I understand completely. Especially as we head into a potentially nasty election season where the party in control of the feds is on its way out. I worked for teh federal government for 5 years and experienced the overhaul in political positions when Bill Clinton came in to office.  It’s amazing how many jobs in all agencies are filled with political  supporters.

Anyway, I know in particular I have many friends at the EPA. So this one’s for you!

EPA’s Johnson says he’s not resigning

Last month, Senate Democrats called on Stephen Johnson, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, to resign his position after continually stonewalling Congress, offering misleading testimony, and caving in to Bush’s radical anti-environmentalism. In a press conference today, Johnson declared he would not heed their request:

Johnson quickly sidestepped on Thursday a question on his reaction to the [senators’] calls in a teleconference with reporters.

“If you want to talk about that you’re more than happy to talk to … our press officer. But no, I’m not,” he said. Then the teleconference ended immediately.

Read the senators’ letter asking for Johnson’s resignation here.


  1. Do you feel a bit spied upon? I kinda assume I’m on somebody’s list, since I have a few foreign blogs on my blogroll from Iraq, Pakistan and Palestine and such. LOL. Such is the state of our government these days. Hey they might learn a thing or two who knows.

  2. Sherry, oh no — I’m not using the word “friend” euphemistically — they really are my friends! I talk to them in person and we talk about things on the blog. They truly just can’t start commenting.

    But it was kinda odd that I had a hit from someone in San Antonio the same day I wrote about Exxon Mobil’s obscene profits, and the next day Blogger shut me down.

    Just sayin ….

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