Bush makes the rounds, Olympics protests continue

Did anyone else notice 2 horrifyingly embarrassing moments when the cameras cut to President Bush as he sat in the stands and watched the opening ceremonies? I’m trying to find images or video or both or either, and sure John Stewart will have something to say about this. First, just as the camera went to Bush, he checked his watch! It’s not bad enough he’s sitting there with his legs splayed out like he’s on the LaZBoy back in Crawford, but he’s bored.

And the second thing that made us all cringe as we watched at the House of Jello last night, was that in his boredom Bush stopped waving the miniature flag in his hand, but instead sat tapping it on his knee as if it were a rolled up program or something. Mr President, we know you don’t really care much about the Constitution and all that, but jeebus! It’s the flag!

Today, President Bush made the rounds of the sporting events, because there’s nothing really left for him to do back home, anyway. Andrea Merkel smartly stayed away, which meant Bush had to look for other women to grope:

Have you noticed that women around him always have that defensive posture — shoulders shrugged up, trying to keep some personal space?

U.S. President George W. Bush watches batting practice next to U.S. Women’s softball team player Andrea Duran at the Fengtai Sports Center Softball Field at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing August 9, 2008.

REUTERS/Larry Downing (CHINA)

And then Bush made the rounds to the women’s volleyball court. Well, wouldn’t we all like to do that!

Watch that hand, Mr President!

Meanwhile, the real world goes on.

Tibetan monks arrested in Indian protests

Indian police have arrested Tibetan monks who tried to storm the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi.

Police have set up water cannon at the embassy to prevent any more protests.

In a protest timed to coincide with the Olympic Games opening ceremony, 150 Tibetan monks attempted to break through barricades outside the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi.

Police say the monks drove up to the heavily guarded embassy in two buses.

They tried to breach security lines while chanting anti-Chinese slogans and wearing headbands saying “Free Tibet”.

Some of the protesters were tackled by police. Other monks burst through the barricades.

The protesters ran towards the embassy walls but were arrested by police before they got any further. Water cannon trucks have been parked outside the embassy.

And from AFP:

LONDON (AFP) — Thousands of people joined protests around the globe Friday accusing China of relentless human rights abuses as the Beijing Olympics kicked off with a dazzling, three-hour opening ceremony.

Demonstrators took to the streets of London, Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam, Kathmandu, Bangkok, Hong Kong, New Delhi and Washington among others to voice concerns ranging from China’s rule of Tibet to its support for Myanmar’s junta.

China has painted the Games as a celebration of three decades of economic reforms and hopes it will showcase a rapidly modernising country.

But activists across the world are using them to pressure Beijing over its rule of Tibet and the heavily Muslim Xinjiang province, the arrests of dissidents, censorship and concerns about Chinese foreign policy.



  1. Somebody needs to teach that man to keep his hands to himself. Geez louise. What an international embarrassment….

  2. Hi Sue, Just stopped to let you know that you have been given an award. You may get the details at my blog later today. Congratulations on a fine blog. I’m a regular reader and for good reason, you rock!

  3. I’m thinking the volley ball player needs to pick her wedgie. And is that presidential sweat I see? He isn’t even at the podium and he’s busting out in a sweat!

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