President Bush still at the Olympics. Wait, what?

Forget the War On Terror. Forget the soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. Forget the economy taking a freefall. And what’s that? Russia is dropping bombs on civilian apartment buildings in the independent nation of Georgia?

Apparently George W. Bush can’t be bothered — there’s games to watch! From today’s Washington Post:

In the run-up to the Summer Olympics, Bush made it clear that he was looking to have a little fun during his four days here. A president who has famously sprinted through many foreign trips with little attention to sightseeing blocked out large amounts of time to watch games, attend practices, and otherwise hang out with a large retinue of friends and family accompanying him on his final presidential tour through Asia.

Over the past three days, Bush also went on a mountain bike ride on the Olympic course, visited the women’s softball team (where he declined the coach’s invitation to take a few practice swings) and watched the U.S. women whack the Czech Republic in basketball. Laura Bush seemed a bit bored, yawning on several occasions; she was perhaps tired after her early-morning private tour of the Forbidden City, the former imperial palace in the middle of Beijing. On Monday, Bush is planning to take in a practice baseball game between the United States and China, before boarding Air Force One to return to Washington.

Being President? Apparently he really just doesn’t care any more.



  1. I’ve seen so much of this frat boy attitude for the last eight years that nothing shocks me anymore.

  2. I so await the day to say goodbye to this loathsome man. I shutter to think of the possibility we will continue to make such horrendous mistakes. Oh God, let Obama win, or I truly think I will move to Iceland!

  3. Obama gets beaten up because he and his family are spenind a week in Hawaii.

    The world is burning and our President is on vacation, and no one bats an eye.

    On the other hand, maybe it’s BETTER that he’s not here, to further screw things up.

  4. maybe it’s BETTER that he’s not here

    Well, he hasn’t really “been here” all along, has he? It just shows how much the country has been run all along by Cheney et al. for the past 7 1/2 years anyway.

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