George Bush had a really good time at the Olympics

No surprise here, but even though we all thought George Bush was acting oddly and sweating profusely, the MSM still refuses to look into whether the teetotaler-in-chief is drinking again. But Wonkette has the photo:

I think my favorite part is Laura completely ignoring her husband’s “antics.” Because we all know that ignoring an alcoholic is the best way to handle the problem …. Or maybe the Xanaxx is helping after all.

And, thanks to Cootamundra W. for this tip from the Guardian: LOL Bush:

And somehow Laura manages to keep the exact same expression on her face no matter how embarrassing her husband is! Xanaxx is truly amazing! See the rest of LOL Bush here.



  1. We all know that Georgie is drinking and has been for a long time. Of course, it won’t come out until after he is gone and the tell all books will be all over the shelves. I really believe it’s been Cheney who has been calling the shots and running this country into the ground for, at the very least, the last four years. And the next four years aren’t looking much better with the choice of the arrogant and narcissistic Obama who has almost no record to speak about (most of it he is trying his best to hide) or McCain.

  2. As an alcoholic myself I know a drunk when I see one. Look at the red face, the drooping eyes, the sweat pouring off of him, the dopy dazed look on his face. I can practically feel his buzz, the vodka in the water bottle, his head reeling, his body desperately trying to perspirate away the poison —

    Dude is drunk, wasted, smashed, period.

  3. I’m a recovered alcoholic, and the biggest sign for me was when Laura said history would vindicate George. Stereotypical wife of a drunk telling everyone that her man is really a good guy, just misunderstood.

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