Conflict in the world? Time for a Bush family V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N!

From ThinkProgress:

Bush heads to Crawford for two weeks after slamming Congress for going on ‘vacation.’

Yesterday, President Bush criticized Congress for taking a “five-week vacation” without voting on offshore oil drilling, despite the fact that he spent this week at the Olympics (while Russia and Georgia went to war). Today, Dana Perino announced that after a “day or two” delay because of the war, Bush will spend two weeks at his ranch in Crawford, TX:

President Bush is scheduled to leave tomorrow for Crawford, but he is going to delay his departure for a day or two.

They have video of Dana Perino, actually managing to keep a straight face while she says this.



  1. He’s tired!! Plus he is still feeling a bit hungover from all that drankin’ ‘n shit he did in China.

    God I loathe this man so so so so so much.

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