Time for some linky love!

If you haven’t done so lately, please take a moment to stop by some of my favorite individual bloggers:

And also some relatively new blogs I’ve found that do make me chuckle:

If you’re a new visitor here, please feel free to leave me your link in the comments to be added to the big old Jello Roll.



  1. Mary Ellen, it’s a little too early in the morning for me yet, but I’ll take a rain check!

    QuakerDave, you’re welcome, and happy browsing!

  2. Thanks Sue for the linkage. I’m jiggly jello for sure!Thanks for the list, some of which I already read! But of course, there are some that I haven’t, and now I have another list to visit….sigh. anybody got a couple of extra hours to donate to my day? LOL

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