Obama’s VP pick: My best guess

Supposedly today the Obama campaign will text us the name of his Vice Presidential pick. I guess at this point, they’ll do anything they can to drum up excitement about this candidate. Even if you are an avid Obama supporter, and I have to say I’m seeing fewer and fewer of those around, his campaign has been kinda, well, dull lately.

My personal hunch is that he will pick Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. Why? Well, first off, he won’t pick Hillary Clinton because she won’t want to be Vice President. I think she knows she can effect much more change by being in the Senate, especially, I am sad to say, now that Sen. Ted Kennedy is ill. There will be a leadership vacuum in the areas she is most concerned about — health and education — and she is more than able to step up and be that leader.

Secondly, the last thing Obama needs to do at this point is pick a boring, white male establishment politician. No offense intended to my many white male friends, but the list of possible contenders is dreadful. Biden? Kaine? Bayh? Ugh. Now if Obama picked someone out of the ordinary, like Dennis Kucinich? That would be exciting!

Obama’s campaign needs a jump start. Stat! So in my humble opinion, his VP pick must have some element of excitement, and picking a woman is about the only option he has at this point. And, I think he could do a lot worse than Sebelius.

What do you think?


  1. What to I THINK, or what do I WISH?

    I could live with Gov. Sebelius. I have heard that she’s not a real dynamic speaker, and that might hurt if he wants an attack pick.

    I could live with Wes Clark, even though I’m not thrilled about having a general in the White House. Clark’s record in Vietnam was steller, and, unlike McCain, he has actually led troops into battle. That gives him some cred that Obama-wan lacks.

    I would LIKE him to see him pick Bill Richardson or former Florida senator and governor Bob Graham, but the latter has heart problems, I think.

    Or even Sen. Clinton. For the sake of party unity. But that won’t happen.

    Who WILL he pick? Probably some boring guy like Bayh or Kaine.

  2. I’m suddenly seeing some talk of Daschle, as well. I don’t know if he has enough energy to prop up this campaign, either, but I’d be happy with him.

  3. Oh, Lordy, not Tom Dachle. Please. The othe retreads on the list are bad enough, but he’s just soooooo wimpy, issues-wise.

  4. Oh, while I actually like Kathleen Sibelius for many reasons, I actually don’t think he should pick her.

    As much as I agree on boring white men ( with apologies to QD who is a white man but not boring…wait, is he available for VP???) I do not think Obama and a woman will work.

    I hate to say it, but I think it is true. Ugh.

    Bayh- no. Kaine – no. Biden – no. Clark – maybe. Richardson- may…no.

    Call me crazy but I liked Jim Webb, but he is a crazy ass loose cannon and that won’t be helpful.

    Kucinich. Now that I could so go for.

    Ain’t going to happen.

  5. LOL, gosh I love the speculation! Which of us will be right? Will it matter? I think many of them are good choices, and it’s hard to figure out which is the BEST. I’m not sure there is a best, they all bring something to the table of value. I think it’s so fun to see everyone grabbing at every nuanced clue hoping to guess it right.

  6. If nominated, I will not run.

    I like the job I have.

    And I’m already a vice-president… for my union.

    But you make me {{{blush}}} nonetheless…

  7. I liked the idea of Richardson but apparently he’s not on the “short list.” I’m not nuts about any of the 3 who are. Kaine is too inexperienced, Bayh doesn’t seem to be a hit with many people; and Biden is TOO “experienced.” Not a message of change. I have a feeling he may pick Biden though, for his foreign policy cred.

    I’m afraid I agree with Fran that Sebelius may not be the right choice. I would love to see a woman, but it might be too big a slap in the face to Hillary – picking a woman, just not HER.

  8. i would jump for joy if it were kucinich, but i doubt that will happen. not really that impressed with any on the short list.

  9. It’s never the person everyone is focusing on. Joe Biden and Kathleen Sebelius have been getting a lot of attention, so in a way, they’re too obvious. Which is why I’m leaning towards Hillary Clinton. I think in terms of having a winning ticket, Obama is going to need Hillary Clinton’s supporters to make the ticket stronger. Then again… this could just be wishful thinking on my part.

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