Still searching, after all these years …

Normally I wouldn’t have another post on “fun search words that brought you here” so soon after the last one, but people are doing some interesting stuff online. In your latest searches, you’ve looked for:

  • money cash
  • inmates build muscles in the yard
  • fox news lesbian rapist gang*
  • fred thompson golden corral
  • guilliani in drag
  • mccain is nuts
  • testicle nailing**
  • 1975 nova
  • melodrama
  • sharksuit phelps
  • “lazy” “obama” “on vacation”

Whatever you were searching for, I hope you found something interesting here at the House of Jello. Happy surfing!

* once a popular topic for Bill O’Reilly, I haven’t see much lately about the pink-pistol packin’ dykes to watch out for

** for the record, I’ve never written about this! All I can say is … Ouch!



  1. Hopefully on his lazy vacation, Obama wasn’t nailing his testicle in the backseat of a 1975 Nova while wearing a sharksuit Phelps.

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