OMG! Obama doesn’t “text” supporters first, AND picks boring old man to be his VP!

Okay, so as Digby so rightly says, ” If it isn’t Jesus Christ or Elvis, it’s going to be a letdown.” And you all know I was holding out hope that he would name Hillary Clinton. Or Gov. Sebelius. Or anyone that represented some of that “change” I was forced to listen about ad nauseum for the past year. But no. In the end, Obama picks someone for their “experience.”

All that sturm und drang, and the news was released via CNN in the end anyway. So my skepticism, radar says “Nice. Now Obama has thousands (millions?) of new phone numbers to use this fall. Perhaps they never intended to release the news this way after all.”

Perhaps John McCain will choose Joe Lieberman, and then things will get really fun. But meanwhile, I’m trying to get behind yet another Democratic ticket that I find less than ideal. Give me some time to absorb it all. I need to let this idea “marinate.” (Any “Kissing Jessica Stein” fans out there?)

Meanwhile, Unnamed Partner and I are about to head out to the Farmer’s Market, and then later tonight we’re planning to catch the new Woody Allen movie. Perhaps a little time spent with Penelope Cruz will make me feel a little better about the world ….


  1. Ohhhh Woody Allen for president! I had no idea he had a new film out — I will have to check it out.

    As for the election…did you expect anything less then politics? And more to follow the closer it gets.

    Still it could be anyone vs. McCain and I vote for anyone.


  2. Penelope Cruz. That would get my vote, even if it IS a Woody flick.

    I heard the text went out at 3:13 am, but that whole idea was silly aways. As for picking Biden, Obama followed the pundir formula. Pick an older white guy. And he did that. And this one isn’t boring, at least, although the GOP has already rooled out the attack ads with the “on the job training” line from Biden during the debates.

    I’ll be honest here, and I might catch some flack for this opinion, but I think Bill is what killed the notion that Sen. Clinton might make the ticket. I think having him around was just too much of a risk, and a pain, for Obama’s campaign. He made too many dumb comments and got nasty toward the end, and that might’ve sealed it. That’s just my guess.

    Please let us know how the movie is. Woody Allen’s movies tend to bore me, and I find Scarlett What’s-Her-Face to be intolerably bad, but the rest of this cast looks good.

  3. There was no way this was going to come out as text, I knew it would be leaked.

    I have issues with Biden, but he does (as you indicated well with the non-change element) represent experience, which is a battle cry against Obama.

    And I would be inclined to agree with QD’s assessment. Bill was too much of a wild card and I think sunk a lot for Hillary.

  4. Well…I had a very strong feeling that it wouldn’t be Hilary. Too much bad blood there.

    I am kind of bummed that it wasn’t Sibelius either.

    And I was REALLY bummed that they waited until the middle of the friggin’ night to text me. I have a toddler for crying out loud. I need all the uninterrupted sleep I can get!!

  5. I have to say that, while I didn’t sign up for a text from barack (I don’t give my cell number to ANYBODY), I think the early-morning aspect of this was tacky at best.

    I have two sons, one of whom is 21, and he’s out till all hours. If I know he’s going to be out, I leave my cell on as well as having access to the regular wall phone. ANY phone call or message at 3:00 is SCARY to people, especially parents or adult children of elderly parents (I’m one of those, too).

    Having your phone go off in the middle of the night is NOT fun.

    He should’ve either announced it at 8:00 AM on Friday, or Saturday. By waiting till today, he lost a whole day’s worth of coverage.

    I also think the GOP attack ad that was quickly rolled out is hys-TER-i-cal. So Biden criticized Obama in the primaries. Big deal.

    At least he wasn’t kissing Bush’s tuckus like McCain’s been doing for eight years, and now running away from him.

  6. zzzzzzzzzz

    oh, sorry, was there something special that happened? Biden?


    I swear, they better make this work. Biden makes Obama look like he’s twelve years old and a baby.

    Maybe I’m just disappointed because I was hoping that it would be Clinton, too. Or someone esciting.

    fat chance.

  7. OTOH, Biden’s been in the Senate longer than McCain. He’s the ideal person to nail McCain every time he indulges in revisionist history. And he does have a knack for zingers. He always gets labeled as “boring” but I think that’s primarily because his area of expertise is foreign policy and Americans have a notoriously short attention span as soon as the topic switches to anything happening outside this country.

    I noticed the Repugs are trotting out the plagiarism story from the 1988 campaign, too. If that’s the worst they can come up with after many months of knowing Biden was a strong possibility for VP, they’re in bad shape.

  8. Maybe Obama wanted everyone to get the feeling of “who do you want answering the phone at 3:00am?”.

  9. Apparently Joe B. doesn’t read my blog. This morning he sent me an email asking for money, which began like this:

    Sue —

    I’d like to thank you for the warm welcome I’ve received as the newest member of this campaign.

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