Monday morning mixed messages

There is certainly enough Obama/Biden 08 fodder to write about today, but I’m not going to do it. Frankly, I wish the election was tomorrow so we could just get it all over with. Of course I’m going to vote, and of course I’m going to vote for Obama. He has my vote because McCain is just really evil. Choosing Biden as his running mate simply confirms my initial suspicion about Obama: that he’s not really a progressive agent of change, but that he is simply another politician. When push came to shove, he chose the safe running mate, just like he caved on the FISA, just like he has done on so many issues in the past couple of months. Let’s just get this thing over with, ’cause I can’t really stomach any more talk from the Democratic party about “change we can believe in.”

Hello Santa Claus. Meet the Easter Bunny.

Anyway, some days the muse tells me what to write. Today she’s giving me mixed messages. I had an idea for a particularly snarky post all ready, when I received word this morning that a friend of mine passed away last night after a long, long battle with a brain tumor. She was not a “close” friend, but she was one of those people who made you feel like you were the most important person in the room when you spoke to her. She had an energy that drew people to her. That’s why she was such a great real estate agent, which is how I first met her. It was only after we looked at few houses that we realized we had very close mutual friends. And then we met her partner and realized that she had played field hockey in high school with Unnamed Partner.

She had battled this illness fairly successfully for a long time, sometimes doing amazing things despite her limitations. So as the news that she is gone sinks in, of course the petty sniping and silliness of this campaign season looks just ridiculous. The number of houses, the trip to Hawaii, and who knows what they’ll drag up about Biden. I just can’t get myself worked up about it today. I need to hear real talk about real issues.

Life’s too short to waste on the silliness that has characterized this election year.



  1. i agree, i wish the election were tomorrow, i am tired of the whole thing too.

    so sorry to hear about your friend. i’m sure you will think mnay wonderful thoughts about her in the next few days. when you do, be glad you had the opportunity to know her.

  2. So sorry to hear about your loss. We’ve had a tough summer around here along those lines.

    And yeah, it does add perspective. In fact, it reminds us all of what’s really important.

    And it isn’t politics.

  3. I still hold out hope there is more to Obama than may be apparent. One of course must play to the common denominator which is the middle, boring as it is. Nobody who is really progressive can get elected I doubt. The country is still too right leaning in my opinion. So, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt for now that he is just playing it leaning more to center than he actually plans on governing.

  4. You all are so kind in your words. As you bloggers all know, sometimes it’s a gray line between what we write about on our blogs and what goes on in our lives. I went back and forth on whether to write about losing my friend, but knew in the end that I needed to express both my sadness and the lesson learned from this incredible person. Live life, and appreciate every moment and every ability that you are lucky enough to have — by whatever power you believe in.

    As another friend often says, “This ain’t a dress rehearsal!”

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