John McCain: The ’90’s called — they want their celebrities back

Despite criticizing Barack Obama for being a “celebrity,” John McCain has his own Hollywood buddies. From The New York Times:

Then he capped off the night with a fund-raiser at the Beverly Hills Hilton, where quite a few denizens of the movie colony were spotted by the pool of reporters who covered in the event. The pool reported that the actors in the crowd included Gary Sinise, Dean Cain, Jon Voight, Jon Cryer, Angie Harmon, Craig T. Nelson and Lorenzo Lamas, among others.

That’s quite a crowd!



  1. Gary Sinise disappoints me. The rest of this crew tells me one thing:

    Liberals have cooler celebrities.

  2. Dean Cain?! Say it ain’t so. Clark Kent of the Daily Planet? Seriously? How is this possible? I thought you were Superman, standing for truth, justice and the American way?

    This is upsetting.

  3. NOT Angie Harmon that’s so disappointing. Well there’s another straight girl crush I don’t need.

    Kate Blanchette wasn’t there was she? tell me it wasn’t so…


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