So what’s with the new picture, Sue J?

Well you might ask. Feedback from several friends has made me realize that people who don’t know me might have looked at the old “avatar” image to the right and thought “Oh brother, she’s really full of herself!” Whereas, in reality, of course, I meant that picture to be a self-depreciating satire of this bundle of insecurities known as Sue J.

I hope you enjoy my “new” image, clearly showing I have been a flag-waving patriot since the age of 2. I thought in this election season it might be more appropriate. (The other flag in my hand is the Costa Rican flag, which is where I was born, which is where I was sitting when this picture was taken. Yes, sadly, I can never be president of the United States. The boy in the back with ice cream on his face is Big Brother Number 1.)



  1. I liked the old picture, because I sort of like knowing what the bloggers whose work I read look like in real life. On the other hand, I don’t post my own picture because I like being slightly anonymous. Go figure.

    The new one is adorable. I love family photos.

  2. I noticed that yesterday!

    Costa Rica? Do tell. If you can… if you wish. I went there once, staying in San Jose and doing day trips. The San Jose bit made it a little different than the usual eco-tourist route.

    Flag waving? I never saw you as anything but a true patriot. Of the sort I really admire. Always passionate, never jingoistic.

    I liked the other picture too though!

    As for me, it took me awhile to find comfort with my own photo on my blog. Now it is there and I am not always comfortable but there it is.

    Since I don’t have a scanner, no young Fran just yet!

  3. Fran, I can tell you that my parents were in the Foreign Service and were stationed in Costa Rica when I was born. We only lived there for a couple more years and then they decided that with 3 kids in tow, traveling kind of sucked. (They had already served in Pakistan and Turkey, and who knows what would have been next.) So we moved to the DC area and that’s where I grew up.

    I’ve never been back to Costa Rica, but certainly hope to someday. I was so little when we left, all I know is from photographs like this one. I’m sure it’s nothing like it was when we lived there, but everyone I’ve talked to who’s visited loved it.

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