No matter what, Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be one classy broad

Please don’t get mad at me for using the word “broad.” The fact that she is a woman is big here, I think. I just finished watching her on the Convention floor requesting that Barack Obama be nominated by acclamation, and I’m trying to imagine any of the male candidates doing what she has done in these past few days — and doing it with such grace. Now, I don’t meant to imply that men couldn’t do it, because I know lots of classy men who are diplomatic and graceful. But the men who run for president are different — the ego that radiates from any of these men would prohibit them from basically deferring to others. Certainly Hillary Rodham Clinton has a massive ego as well, so it makes this all the more difficult to understand.

So, Senator Obama, you’re up.

Update: I would add that Bill Clinton did a mighty good job at putting his ego aside last night, as well. I hope that all those Clinton-haters whose mantra has been “They just think it’s all about the Clintons,” will now see that they do in fact realize it’s not about Hillary, not about Bill, not even about Obama. It’s about getting a Democrat back in the White House.

One comment

  1. I agree. Her speech last night was classy and gracious. She didn’t insult us by overpraising Obama with empty flattery, but rather argued the practicality of electing a Democrat as president.

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