The future looks bright for Hillary Clinton — and for the Democratic Party

I admit it, I went to sleep before Hillary Clinton spoke last night. What can I say — I have to get up really really early, and I just couldn’t do it. So I’ve had to catch up on her speech this morning, and have found that I cannot do so without someone’s editorial comments slipping in. I’ve heard mostly good things, though of course there is still the media attempt to stir up trouble.

But one commenter for whom I have a lot of respect is Taylor Marsh. She openly and proudly endorsed Hillary Clinton, but when Clinton gracefully bowed out and asked us all to work for Barack Obama’s election, Marsh led the way. Her take on Clinton’s speech seems spot on, from what I have seen of it:

Contrary to the clamber that the Clintons are finished, Hillary delivered a speech of overwhelming power by someone in the full grips of her strength to an audience that returned her emotion, enthusiasm and passion for a woman who has changed the course of presidential politics forever. Not only are there 18 million cracks in the commander in chief ceiling, she’s got her name on every single one of them.

So, let every commentator, writer and blogger who finds a crevice in which to slither forth and spew a doubting word on what Hillary said and meant, or should have done, last night finally be called by their proper name: sorcerers. Spiteful vipers who dare to find a toxic blend amidst an open heart and full throated generosity at a time when our country needed just a leader like Hillary to make a new path where the last footsteps have been taken down a road that has ended in the dirt.

Only Hillary Clinton could unite the party behind Barack Obama. She did it last night.

“Spiteful vipers who dare to find a toxic blend” — sounds like FoxNews to me. Well, and also Chris Matthews, everyone at CNN — heck even Mara Liasson and Michelle Norris of NPR have been fomenting trouble for Hillary Clinton.  Marsh continues:

Hillary Clinton’s power rises, not falls, reaching new heights through what she offered through her voice last night, and is accompanied with 18 million voters standing beside her as we ready the next journey on this incredible historic ride we’ve been on for so long now. Electing Barack Obama and Joe Biden to the highest offices in this land and restore the country’s name and legacy that has been sullied over the last 8 years.

To all you who doubted, let me finally shout I told you so. I knew she would. I never doubted she could. Hillary Clinton is not just some politician, even though so many want to drag her down to their mediocrity. She is a leader. I will follow her anywhere.



  1. I thought Hillary hit the right notes, made the right statements, offered the right challenges and asked the right questions. I was really proud of her and of my vote for her last night.

  2. It was a wonderful speech – I had my fist in my mouth the entire time choking back tears, or speals of shouting in unison.

    She used the words “gay rights” in a complete sentence.

    Very emotional, smart — a terrific and intelligent speech.

    I’m sorry you missed it, it left me buzzing and on-line chatting most of the night. My new friend (whom I hope will not be an imaginary g.f. was right there in Denver in the midst of all the excitement).

    Nah it’s not Rachel.


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