“Wake Up America” (You should have voted for Kucinich)

President Dennis Kucinich. Oh, but that phrase makes this progressive’s heart skip a beat. But most of America pays little attention to the short man from Ohio. Well, if you don’t “get” Dennis Kucinich, please watch this video and see how he energizes the crowd. And then thank God, or whomever/whatever you believe in, that this person continues to fight on with integrity and passion, no matter what the odds against him.

You want real change? Next time campaign for Dennis Kucinich.

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  1. I could not agree more!!!

    I was going to post about this but abandoned the idea in the name of time as I am about to head off for the day.

    Brava to your post and GO DENNIS.

    A man with passion, a man with conviction, a man with a conscience, a man of integrity, a man with heart, a man with balls.

    No wonder he will never win in politics in this land. Oh how I hate to sound sooooooooo cynical!

  2. I hate it that the media controls so much of the info that Kucinich is portrayed as out of the mainstream.

    I also hate it that the Party buys into the myths about what Americans believe and want. That’s why a public servant like Kucinich can never get a real leadership role.

  3. We did campaign for him in Florida prior to his leaving the race and us moving to Vancouver.

    Sad to see him get no traction in bushland. The US’ loss . . . .

  4. Dennis totally rawked out here.

    (BTW: your blog looks weird today – techno glitch, or my browser?)

  5. You scared me there, QD! I’m still finding my way around WordPress, always quite possible that I may royally screw things up some days ….

  6. West End Bob, welcome! I’m glad to hear you campaigned for Dennis. But then it sounds like you made good on the threat and really did move to Canada?

  7. it’s not catagorized. but you can believe that we havent heard much of it is because it soo tru. he’s the man alright.

    p.s. good one pookie.

  8. (Sorry to scare you. My Internet’s been acting weird this week. Probably over worked…)

    I worked for Dennis here in Jersey and helped him get his name on the ballot. I think he’s a solid, consistent voice for peace and a very thoughtful guy.

    Except for when he stuck his Birkenstock in his mouth and endorsed the idea of running with Ron Paul as a running mate.

    Now I know that by then, neither of them had a snowball’s chance, but that idea just burnt my bagel. Except for them both being anti-war (Paul because he’s an isolationist, not a pacifist), they have very little if anything in common, politically, it seems to me.

    That just cheesed me off, seriously.

  9. Yup – My partner and I became Permanent Residents in February, and made the big move across the continent in June.

    Still interested in US politics as they have such a big effect on us, but ain’t no way we’re gonna live there . . . .

  10. I’m with Tengrain. Kucinich is the one candidate I’ve campaigned actively for in the last several election cycles. It infuriates me that the MSM treats him like a joke.

  11. Well, I think we have found all of Dennis Kucinich’s supporters here! Thank god he doesn’t give up — he keeps delivering his message, because he knows we are out here listening!

  12. Ohhhh, let me jump on the pigpile here. I love that man. A wonderful perk of being registered to vote in Iowa is that I actually get to caucus for him. He did not get skunked in my precinct. Yea.
    Yes, he ruled the DNC. His five minutes is Must-See video.

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