Doesn’t God have better things to do than this?

From the “publication” WorldNetDaily (and no, I won’t link there. Eew.)

New call for rain on Obama’s parade
Baptist pastor reinstates campaign dropped by Focus Action

DENVER – The call for prayer for a rainstorm on this city’s football stadium when Sen. Barack Obama delivers his nomination-acceptance speech there next week, dropped by a Focus on the Family Action personality, has been picked up by a former official of the Southern Baptist Convention.

“Stuart Shepard is invited to lead us in this prayer for rain any day,” Pastor Wiley Drake, a former vice president for the SBC, said in an announcement about his plan. “Other prayer warriors are welcome not only to pray for rain but repentance in America as well.”

By the way, today’s forecast for Denver?


  1. what great christians they are, huh? to encourange prayer to ruin the day of hundreds of thousands of others!! laughable!

  2. Thanks John — that’s a great parody!

    CBC, these are the same people who “pray” for a good parking space, too, no doubt! Yeah, real Christian of them!

  3. Sheesh. Nothing like making a mockery of one’s own religion. Does this man have no friends willing to stop him from making a complete ass of himself?

  4. As an atheist, I often have a very difficult understanding religious ideology. But I really, really don’t understand why a devout Christian would think that the entity whom they believe created all existence would have even the tiniest fleeting nanosecond of interest in spending any time even thinking about this, let alone actually doing it. But I don’t think that these people have the most healthy perspective on anything at all.

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