McCain set to announce VP Friday

The New York Times is reporting that John McCain has selected his running mate, and that he will make an announcement tomorrow. Well this ought to be interesting. Who do you think he’ll pick?

Republicans close to the campaign said that the top contenders remained the same three men who have been the source of speculation for weeks: former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and, possibly, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut.

Well, that’s quite a group, ain’t it? Another catrillionnaire,  a Jewish party-switching pro-choice advocate, or an unknown governor. I’d love to see him pick the trainwreck that is Holy Joe Lieberman, but my money’s on Pawlenty.

(I guess Charlie Crist is pretty relieved he doesn’t have to go through with that whole sham engagement thing after all ….)



  1. It’ll be Romney or that other guy I’ve never heard of.

    There’s no way the GOP will nominate a Jewish, pro-choice, anti-gun control Democrat. No matter how much of a BFF he is for McCain.

    And let’s hope the Dimocrats are already preparing the anti-McCain attack ads they should run, showing 1.) all the snippiness between Romney and McCain during the primaries, 2.) and all the flip-flopping Romney has done on practically every major issue over the last 20 years.

  2. My gut tells me that its Pawlenty, especially if his caretakers are still lying to him and telling him he can win. If they are telling him he can’t no matter what, it will be Lieberman just to shove it to the rightwing evangelicals who he secretly hates anyway.

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