Rachel speaks

I was going to title this post “OMG! Rachel Maddow answered my question!” but I have a policy against having more than one post per week that begins with “OMG!” Anyway, she just finished an online chat, which included:

Baltimore: As a progressive and an activist, are you disappointed or surprised that there hasn’t been more discussion in the Democratic Party this year about AIDS?

Rachel Maddow: There hasn’t been a ton of conversation about HIV/AIDS in mainstream electoral politics for a while. Particularly on the domestic side. President Clinton’s emphatic emphasis in his speech last night on the American HIV/AIDS epidemic was heartening.

Baltimore — heh. That’s me! And I agree with her. President Clinton did not merely mention AIDS in a long list of issues, as others have, but seemed passionate and genuine in his dedication to fight AIDS both internationally and here at home.



  1. Cool. Better than being the tenth caller to your favorite radio station. I just can’t believe though that you didn’t sign off as PookyShoehorn.

  2. I wouldn’t wash my fingertips for a week.

    There’s a really bad joke waiting there, but I’m not gonna do it …

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