McCain joke of the day: He’s all about women’s rights

I have to admit, this seems like a pretty slick move on the part of the McCain campaign. Given the choice of who we know was being considered for the VP slot, it was pretty slim pickin’s. I think that McCain believes that by putting a woman on his ticket he can gain the votes of the Hillary supporters who were reported to still be holding back from Obama. The problem with that strategy is, that’s a very small number of votes.

Yes, the media reported all week that there was tension between the Clinton and Obama campaigns during the Democratic convention. This was reported over and over again by those reliable sources: Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Nora O’Donnell, Joe Scarborough, David Gregory, Andrea Mitchell.

Do you see where I’m going with this? The whole “major rift” thing was blown up by the media because it makes a much more interesting story than having supporters of the two candidates come together — which is what has truly happened.

As a Clinton supporter who has always been lukewarm to Barack Obama, I wrap up this week feeling that the most important thing to do as a Democrat — as an American — is to keep the Republicans out of the White House and get a Democrat in there. And as President Clinton said the other night, Barack Obama is the man for the job. (Not the person for the job, because that would be Hillary Clinton.) A Democratic President means a Democratic Administration. It’s not just who’s in the White House, it’s also who they appoint throughout the federal government. It’s very far-reaching. It’s bigger than Barack or John.

Yes, there are still some Democrats who refuse to vote for Barack Obama, but I think that number is small and getting smaller every day. And this chess move by John McCain won’t matter in the end. Sure, Palin’s a woman. She’s also anti-abortion, gay-hater who has little record to show except for some questionable ethics in having her ex-brother-in-law fired. I think this was a reactionary move on McCain’s part, and I don’t think it’s going to help him.



  1. I dunno… as a friend wrote me, “she hunts, from idaho, took on big oil, is an environmentalist, got elected for taking on republican ethics violators, husband an ESKIMO, 3rd child with DOWN, runner up Miss Alaska, played serious bball, was a sports reporter, charming, feminists for life.. we are screwed!”

    I think we’re screwed, too.

  2. All that may be true, but John McCain turns 72 years old today. Very good possibility that the VP might have to take over at some point. She’s been a governor for 1 year. Imagine her in the White House?

    I want to see her debate Joe Biden.

  3. She’s Dan Quayle in a touk, I’m betting.

    Biden will eat her lunch at the debate, and then he’ll be called a bully for showing her up.

    Mrs. Agitator is incensed. “I’m supposed to vote for her because she has ovaries?”

    Yeah. They’re playing the gender card. Even though this woman stands against everything Sen. Clinton stands for, just by standing with John McCain. I bet Kay Bailey Hutchinson won’t be sending McCain a Christmas card this year…

  4. “I bet Kay Bailey Hutchinson won’t be sending McCain a Christmas card this year”

    Yep. That’s what gets me — the Republicans actually do have some women with experience, but they went for someone who’s been the governor of an extremely low population state (3 electoral college votes) for a very short period of time. Palin isn’t quite as repellant as some of the other possibilities McCain skipped over, but she’s pretty much of a novice when it comes to national politics.

  5. And then there’s this from the Anchorage Daily News:

    The volatile issue of teaching creation science in public schools popped up in the Alaska governor’s race this week when Republican Sarah Palin said she thinks creationism should be taught alongside evolution in the state’s public classrooms.

  6. Quakerdave, I was just over at your place and read your excellent post on this very subject. But I want to clarify something I wrote here today — when I mentioned Palin’s children’s names, I meant in no way to mock or belittle them. It is a pet peeve of mine when parents stick their kids with these odd names “cutesy” (not just uncommon or ethnic — just odd).

    Sorry if that fell short. I agree with you — the kids should never be the target and I didn’t mean for them to be. It was lazy humor on my part.

  7. I think it’s a choice that says “we think women voters are vapid.” Palin’s record and words are anti-woman and I bet if we dug into her record on families, job, education and health care, it’s pretty dismal, as well.

    How long before they start exploiting the Downs Syndrome child angle?


  8. I hope the left reads carefully with her, though. I have just seen several references to her as GILF and VPILF. That’s not going to help us at all.

    BTW, that’s Grandmother I’d like to …

    classy, no?

  9. SUEJ: I was NOT NOT NOT referring to you, at all. Sorry if you got that impression.

    There’s some stuff over at The Huffington Post and one or two other blogs which I found especially offensive in this area. Really mean.

    Not you. Nope.

  10. let’s hope the liberal pundits don’t lower themselves to the likes of rush, etal. bring out the facts, leave out the family and let the cards fall where they may.

  11. listen, I’ll go after cutesy names. I find it annoying and if you name your kid “rainbow” then you gotta expect some grief.

    not to the kids, but to the parents.

    secondly, dan quayle won.

    do you remember Benson in debate against him? talk about shaming someone in circles…

    “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

    but will Biden be able to bust her like that without being called a bully?

  12. I’ve been reading all day, and there is a ton of stuff to go against her. The environmentalists have already come out with a huge NO and she is big oil, anti-gay, creationism in schools, pro gun. What is there for a woman to want? NOTHING.

  13. Too late.

    Rush Limbaugh today:

    “The feminists will hate her. She has her babies. They kill theirs.”


  14. Unnamed fed with goats’ girlfriend wants to know if John’s VP selection goes to a creationist church? Anyone know?

  15. Unnamed Fed w/ Goats (and her girlfriend) — glad they let you out of the office! I bet we’ll be hearing about that today … I wonder how much vetting she underwent. I heard on CNN that McCain met her — once.

    BAC, I know!

    QuakerDave, Rush = pig, and also I saw some of the stuff about the kids you were referring to after I wrote that. I don’t read Huffington Post anymore. The editorial board (ha!) seems to consist of a bunch of middle-schoolers.

    Sheery, I agree — there’s lots of substantive material against her, so I hope people stick to that and stay away from the beauty queen stuff. I can hear Rush now “lesbians hate her because she’s purty and they’re ugly”

    Sara, the kids’ names — yes! It’s about the parents who name them, not the poor kids who have to go through life named “Track” and “Willow”! And I also heard someone yesterday (can’t remember who it was now) who said “Governor, I know Hillary Clinton. You, madam, are no Hillary Clinton!”

    Donald, son, where have you been? I’ve missed you! I agree — the Republican House of Cards will fall and give us plenty of material besides her personal life with with to keep this ticket out of office.

    DCup, an infant with Downs Syndrome — that’s a real wild card in her “qualifications.” On the one hand, great visibility for people with disabilities. On the other hand, she just had this baby last spring! What on earth is she thinking?!

  16. love this post! I also supported Hillary but we need to get a Dem in the White House….as I said in my post, those Hillary supporters who are still pissed off, GET OVER IT! THE STAKES ARE WAY TOO HIGH.

    I am really really really scared that the POHS (pissed off Hillary supporters) are going to put McCain in the White House….my local paper is already publishing letters from WOMEN who supported Hillary but are writing in and saying they are voting for McCain…..

    it won’t be GOD BLESS AMERICA — it will be GOD HELP AMERICA if this happens.

  17. Hey! I teach middle school, remember? My students are MUCH nicer (and more talented) than the brats over at HuffPost!


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