The Sarah Palin Chronicles: Myth #2: Maverick Reformer? Not so much

Since Gov. Sarah Palin doesn’t have much time in office, the Republicans are trying hard to frame what little record she has as being a bold “new” politician, one who stands up to the powerful. You know, a “maverick” like John McCain. Except that sometimes facts get in the way. From the Times Online:

When she made her debut speech on Friday she immediately touted her success in killing off the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere”, which would have connected Gravina Island with Ketchikan international airport, a project that had become a nationwide symbol of the wasteful, pork-barrel spending that Mr McCain has made a cornerstone of his campaign.

Yet in a first unsettling revelation – which the McCain camp will hope does not become a pattern – the Anchorage Daily News reported yesterday that when she ran for governor Mrs Palin campaigned on a “build the bridge” platform. The newspaper, in a reference to John Kerry’s alleged “flip-flopping” in the 2004 presidential campaign, said: “Palin was for the Bridge before she was against it.”




  1. Well she was and then she wasn’t and then she thought it might go somewhere, in fact it might go directly to her bank account, but then it looked like nowhere again- especially in regard to her bank account so then she was against it and then for it and then… oh whatever!

  2. Excellent post. I’m hoping to find more information on this. I’m not sure if it will make that much of an impact, seeing she’s not on the top of the ticket, but it’s definitely interesting. Thanks.

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