Don’t let the dysfunctional family that is the Republican Party distract you from the real work

John McCain and his minions must be loving this. I mean, while we’re all getting in a lather about the hypocrisy of the Palin family, there’s still a war raging in Iraq. (And people are being pepper-sprayed and getting arrested in the streets in protest of that war.) Our economy continues to be in decline. And health care — you don’t want to get me started on healthcare. I just spent the weekend with my parents, who are fortunately quite comfortably middle class, college-educated elderly who are trying to navigate their way through the ridiculous rules and regulations of our current system. Who makes the insurance rules? Who decides that Medicare will not pay anything toward my father’s hearing aid, but it will pay for a prescription of Viagra? The man is 84 years old and trying to take care of his increasingly fragile wife so that they can stay in their home. Viagra? Really? That’s “medically necessary” here? Isn’t it more important for him to hear what the doctor’s saying than to be able to … oh well. I guess there’s more money to be made in prescription drugs than in hearing aids.

And some other topics we should raging about as U.S. citizens:

Another soldier died in Baghdad, and that brings us to 4,152.

Our food supply — do you think it’s safe? It’s not.

Global warming — with Gustav in the news and another hurricane behind him, why no talk of G.W.?

More than 38 million people around the world are infected by HIV/AIDS. Remember?

We’re raiding our retirement funds to pay for everyday living

Do you see what I’m saying? yes, everything about Palin reeks of hypocrisy and dishonesty. But where does focusing on it get us on any of these issues? Oh, the Republicans will be back to dancing at the convention tonight, folks. Don’t let them do it.


  1. War? What war??? You hit the nail on the head, kiddo. With all this trash talk about Palin, the Republicans are coming out smelling like a rose. All it did was solidify their base. I wrote about this today.

    Instead of talking about the war, Obama has to be out there apologizing for the Palin smear campaign.

    I wish the war was in the forefront of the news again. In our suburb, we recently lost two young men in one week. Yesterday I saw a neighbor walking along side his son who was in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the neck down from when he was in Iraq. This kid should be out with his friends riding around in his car, or enjoying a beer, not frozen to an electric wheel chair for the rest of his life.

    Thanks for this post, we need to be focused on how we can get these guys home for good.

  2. I read through all your posts on Palin, and I think what is apparent is that they are trying to sell her on many levels and hope something sticks here and there. Picking up votes on all levels. The problem is she was poorly vetted and the truths are starting to surface and she’s been eaten up with the contradictions. This keeps McCain off the front page which is pretty darn good to. I think and pray this will all backfire in their smarmy faces.

  3. Great post, Sue. After seeing the Republicans whooping it up last night I am really afraid for this country. Dysfunctional family? More like a mob!

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