Observations from the House of Jello

I am currently in an odd state of following the political news in bits and spurts. Mom’s not very interested in watching t.v. during the day, but would rather look at her New Yorker and fall asleep when the percocet kicks in. Pop, however, (Jello Pop?) has been watching the convention coverage every night when we get home from the hospital. (He is a serious political junkie!). Comments in the House of Jello included:

“Oh! Aren’t they loathsome!” Pop exclaimed when the camera panned across the crowd of delegates in all their finery.

“They forgot to hand out the brown shirts,” commented Big brother, when the crowd began chanting USA! USA! USA!

“Hey! There’s a black person!” Me, when the cameraman managed to locate one of the 36 African American delegates out of the 2,380 attending the Republican Convention this year.

But my favorite comment yesterday was one I overheard at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles while waiting for Big Brother: “I’d like to change my voter registration from Republican to Independent.”



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