What brings you here?

These certainly are interesting times in which we live. People are searching teh internets for a lot of random stuff!!  There were a lot of variations of Sarah Palin searches, so I won’t list all of those. Here are some of the more interesting search terms that brought folks to Nailing Jello to the Wall in the past week:

  • white men hate themselves
  • john denver
  • hello mcfly
  • lesbian gang dto
  • i wish i were nailin sarah palin *
  • bin laden **
  • sure on this shining night gello
  • sarah palin breast pump
  • rachel maddow religion ***
  • how to survive election season
  • “i’m happy about my vice president pick”
  • the rich get richer
  • 90’s want their celebrities back
  • george bush drinking at the olympics ****

* can I just say … Eeeeeeeew!

** nice to know somebody’s still thinking about Bin Laden, because the Bush Administration sure ain’t!

*** sign me up for that church!

**** you almost forgot about George Bush, didn’t you?


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