Oh for the love of Peyton Manning …

(Click for larger image — please!)

Heh. Mighty Meerkats. That’s me. My league-mates laughed at my motley crew — Peyton Manning, Clinton Portis, Reggie Bush. They laughed when I jettisoned Marvin Harrison after week 1.

But who’s laughing now, my friends. Heh heh heh ….



  1. Well, he has only played two games due to the knee injury and I suspect he will definitely look better as the season progresses. Last week was won on a prayer though. I sat next to Peyton on a plane coming back from North Carolina. With exception of maybe the last half hour, he was constantly running and studying tapes of games on his laptop. He would run and rewind one play up to ten times making notes. He is meticulous about his studies. I had some suite tickets dropped in my lap for the Colts/Pats game that I’m looking forward to. Oh Yeah…Go Meerkats! 😉

  2. See? Peyton’s getting better all the time!

    And you should know that this league is full of guys who do serious research before our draft. Whereas I sit with a cool beverage and randomly pick my players based on “whim.” Last year I came in second. I am determined to win this year!

  3. looks like you have picked a pretty safe team, but i wouldn’t gloat too much, the season is young! and, as a pats fan, i am always rooting against peyton. he is special though.

  4. Well now, to my N.E. readers, I have the Pats defense, so I root for them, too.

    And yes, the season is young, but this league is all about bragging rights — no money involved. So I must brag when I can!

  5. Sara – It’s a psychological thing with Peyton. Consider this…he’s the Jack Kennedy of football. Archie has three boys. The ultimate pressure is on the oldest until injury forces him out of football forever. Peyton wasn’t expecting the double pressure of his father’s disappointment and expectations. Peyton is talented, no doubt; but definitely needs some exorcising of the ghosts. Besides, if all else fails, throw the slant.
    Sue – Did you toss Harrison over the nightclub/handgun incident?
    The Pats are deep in talent, but I’m going to miss seeing Brady. There is a gamer in all aspects!

  6. Did you toss Harrison over the nightclub/handgun incident?

    Um, no. In fact my first round pick was Brandon Marshall ….

  7. I still think Harrison is a fabulous receiver. Peyton would be nothing without him.

    I agree, Morgan. He’s a weenie. oh, wait you didn’t say that but you implied it.


    the best quarterback, to date, is on the sidelines injured. it’ll be interesting to see who steps up as the best- I honestly can’t say who I think it will be.

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