On the road again ….

Well, actually I’m not on the road at this particular moment — in fact, I’m sitting in my pj’s in a very nice hotel in Atlanta. My two-day conference starts tomorrow, so of course you conference-goers know what that means: using up a perfectly good day off by traveling on Sunday. But I can’t complain too much, as the trip was uneventful, and my Unnamed Colleague (it’s been suggested I call them my Jell-Mates) and I went out to dinner at a brewpub and each had a sampler of beer along with dinner. So far I like Atlanta a lot ….

I’ve been completely out of touch with politics today, as I had to do laundry and pack and walk the dog — I did not read the Sunday paper any more than the headlines. Maybe that’s a good thing. My room here at the hotel has a huge flat screen tv. Maybe I’ll turn it on. But them again maybe not. Sometimes being away from the 24-hour news casts is a good thing.



  1. Enjoy Hotlanta – I spent all but 3 years there between 1973 and 2001. Was a great city to be in during the 70’s and ’80’s. After the ’96 Olympics it kind of went downhill. Too rapid a growth cycle with little or no infrastructure to support it.

    If you took the photo, you’re right in the thick of “Butthead”, er, Buckhead.

    Primo area of town. Have fun . . . .

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