The economic view from out here: It ain’t pretty

So here I am in Atlanta, trying to concentrate on my work conference, but the dismal state of the economy keeps creeping into my thoughts. No, actually, it’s being shoved in my face.

As soon as we got into town we rode the escalator in the MARTA station, and the young woman in front of me was angrily talking on her cell phone, explaining to a friend that she had driven all over town last night looking for gas. My thoughts raced, and I immediately worried that there may have been some disaster causing this. I mean, this is the United States, not some Third World country — we don’t just “run out of gas”!

But on the local news, I see that it’s a problem throughout the Southeast. Theories are that people panicked — a run on the gas stations, if you will.

Tonight my Jell-Mate and I decided to swing by a local institution called “The Varsity.” (Okay, Nan and DCup are now groaning “Oh no! You didn’t!”) The Varsity is the World’s Largest Drive-In! It was on The Food Channel! How could me miss it when it’s only a few blocks away?

I’m sitting right now watching my pretend girlfriend news commentator Rachel Maddow talking about the biggest bailout in American history. And I keep think about the homeless guy who helped Jell-Mate and myself find our way to The Varisty. We were headed in a very wrong, very bad direction, and he pleasantly asked us where we were trying to go. As expected, he then asked us for “a favor.” Expecting a request for a dollar or “a couple of bucks,” we were surprised that he asked us for $8.00 so that he could go get a shower.


Of course we gave it to him.

And now I’m sitting here watching t.v., and listening to the descriptions of the golden parachutes to be received by the CEOs who have driven our economy into the ground through their own greed.

My advice? Make sure you always have $8.00 in your pocket. ‘Cause you never know.



  1. Oh my God.

    Basically it seems like we are f*cked.

    And really – under those (or any, who am i kidding?) – a trip to the Varsity is always in order.

  2. fried pie? I want to go!

    you know, we can write about this until our fingers bleed but the bottom line is that we have to trust the morons we elected to office to figure this out.

    to actually read the whole, entire bailout. to hold hearings on it. to take in consideration that the government HAS NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE IN HISTORY.

    not even in the great depression.

    so… we sit and wait. because you know they won’t read it. they won’t think about it.

    and we’ll be totally screwed.

  3. Yes Sara, we (who are NOT mega-rich), will get to bail out Dubya’s cronies, and try to clean up the Wall Street Debacle, while those who made the mess get golden parachutes and suffer NO repercussions from their disasters.

    Oh to live in La-La Land, and not be a person who thinks/cares….

  4. Mmmmm The Varsity. Yum. Simple food. Love their burgers and fries. And Varsity Orange. And chocolate milkshakes….

    Isn’t it goofy about the gas? I’m working from home a couple days this week because of the gas shortage. Not that I’m complaining.

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