McCain Watch: NOW he wants to be here for a vote?

I’ll give him this: he’s got a lot a nerve!  I mean, John McCain has the worst voting record in the Senate. He has missed more votes than Tim Johnson from South Dakota — who missed a lot of votes because he had a brain hemorrhage.  And yes, Barack Obama does not have a stellar attendance record, either. But he’s not the one saying “Cancel the debates! We’re needed in Washington!”


As if McCain and Obama couldn’t do any politicking with their colleagues by phone conference — I know, someone will have to help McCain with this new-fangled technology, but he does have a staff, yes?

John McCain, what the American people need from you is to hear your ideas compared with those of Barack Obama. One of you is going to be the next President of the United States.  I don’t need to look at a list of “yays” and “nays” and see whether (or how) you voted. I need to know how you plan to get us out of this craptacular mess the Republican Party has gotten us into.



  1. McCain is wishing he was back in high school. Hoping like hell that someone will pull the fire alarm to get him out of the test he is not prepared for. He knows Obama will eat him alive in a debate at this time. His reputation/knowledge in economics is deregulation and S&L scandal. All a precursor to our present dilemma. I can hardly wait to see what they try to get Palin out of her debate. She can’t even stand up across from Charles Gibson.

  2. I think McCain had a brain hemorrhage too, he just kept walking around.

    he’s scared shitless. and he should be.

  3. I’ve seen speculation that there’s something wrong with him. The way he’s been acting lately, that could be true.

    One thing’s for sure, him going down there and getting involved did not help matters.

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