McCain Watch: I got yer leadership right here ….

Well thank the good lord that John McCain rushed back to Washington to be an integral part of the the high level talks on the economic crisis. From the New York Times:

But once the doors closed, the House Republican leader, John A. Boehner of Ohio, surprised many in the room by declaring that his caucus could not support the plan to allow the government to buy distressed mortgage assets from ailing financial companies.

Mr. Boehner pressed an alternative that involved a smaller role for the government, and Mr. McCain, whose support of the deal is critical if fellow Republicans are to sign on, declined to take a stand.

The talks broke up in angry recriminations, according to accounts provided by a participant and others who were briefed on the session, and were followed by dueling news conferences and interviews rife with partisan finger-pointing.

Well that worked out well. I can’t wait to see how well he does in the debates tonight.



  1. not sure if you have seen this yet, but check out

    my understanding is that the guy that runs the site is a total sports statists nut, and has turned this interest in statists to politics. there is a lot to digest, but it is VERY interesting.

  2. I had not seen that site, Donald, thanks! There certainly is a lot to digest, but it is very interesting.

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