Palin does a fine job … of parroting the Republican talking points

As I watched the Vice Presidential debate last night, I kept thinking about a bird I know named Harley. Harley is a very smart bird –he knows a lot of words, and he often uses them at the right time. He laughs at jokes, he uses funny accents, and is basically downright charming.

Kind of like Sarah Palin was last night.

Clearly her debate training paid off — she never froze on any questions, the way she did during the interviews with Katie Couric. Of course, many times her answers had nothing to do with the question, but it was often so hard to follow her train of thought that I generally didn’t remember what the question was in the first place. Classic debating tactic.

But if she winked at the camera one more time, or said “nuke-yuhler,” “I-ran,” or “I-raq” one more time, I thought I was going to scream. We don’t need folksy in the White House.  We’ve tried that for 8 years, and you see where it’s gotten us.

I haven’t made the rounds of teh Internets yet to see what others are saying, but here’s my take on it: Joe Biden won on substantive answers. Sarah Palin has gotten better at not looking like a complete nitwit.

But I think Harley could have done just as well as she did in repeating the phrases that her handlers have taught her. When Harley does a trick we all say “Yay Harley!”  So here’s a shout out to Sarah Palin: “Yay Sarah!” Now give her a peanut.



  1. I think she was strong in the first part- and very well coached. when she didn’t know how to answer, she simply said, I’m not going to answer the way you want.

    it was direct and clear. I thought it scored points.

    but by the end, with winking, the ‘oh c’mon joe’ was a little too far over the line.

    I did think she handled the “what does the VP do?” question well- and referring to her own previous clip as a joke, and clearly no one got it.

    Biden kicked her ass as far as a debate went- the tears at the end? when he choked up about his dead wife and kids? oh my. that was real. I started to get teary.

    Palin was coached. very well. but… I think she faltered enough in the end.

  2. I was extremely frightened by her response that the Vice President is not part of the Executive Branch, and that she would like even more power than Cheney has!

    Dear god, that has GOT to be a joke!

  3. I think the VP question was the best because it appeared to be the one that her coaches hadn’t prepped her for. We really got to see how her mind worked on the fly.

  4. Harley doesn’t like to even remotely be compared with Sarah Palin. When I read this comment to him he began to squawk uncontrollably! In his opinion, he is MUCH smarter and better informed than she is. He also would have sent you a real picture of himself to show he is more beautiful than she is anyway.

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