A little Saturday pick-me-up

I’m sure we’re all feeling a little worn down these days. I mean, what with the economy, the war in Iraq, the incredible fact that there are people who actually like Sarah Palin …. I almost couldn’t blame you for burying your head in the sand and saying “Wake me when it’s over!” But this is an important time to be involved. So if you need a little energy, this is a great video from the Obama camp to get your activist juices flowing. My personal goal is to help Obama win Virginia, my home state. That would be … sweet!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. I had high hopes for Obama.

    You might want to take a look at this video before you work too hard.


    I verified the facts. You can do it for yourself unless you’re comfortable with blind belief.

    The two major parties are giving us a choice between socialism and the Fascism we’re already seeing. Anything would be better.

  2. Web, you’re new here. I have anything but “blind faith” in Barack Obama. But given the choice at this point, he’s the one we need to get elected.

    Is he my first choice? No. Not even my second choice. But it’s down to two, and is John McCain and Sarah Palin are elected, my friends, we’re screwed.

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