We interrupt our programming …

No time for blogging today, I’m afraid. The day started with me oversleeping, so now I’m behind at work in what was already going to be a short day for me because Mother Jello’s coming home today! Woo hoo! Big party time!

So until we get back to our regularly scheduled program, please head on over to my friend Sara’s place and read this:

On the Bright Side

And then please do what you can. Thanks.


  1. I hope the welcome home was WONDERFUL (though I suspect it was tiring). Smile and get some rest – after the sherry for everyone! (I seriously hope you aren’t doing jello shots during the debate.)

  2. I had to come over here and tell you McCain referred to “nailing jello to the wall” – and you already know! Oh well! I couldn’t believe it when he said it!

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