John Cleese: “I used to think Michael Palin was the funniest Palin!”

According to John Cleese, “Monty Python could have written this!” My favorite part, though, is right at the beginning when he’s asked “what do you think of Sarah Palin?” His laugh just says it all….

Vodpod videos no longer available.



  1. Oh my word, I love John Cleese and the whole Monty Python crew. When I was thirteen, I had a Monty Python album (remember those?) that I wore the grooves out of and every Sat. late night was reserved for The Monty Python Show on PBS. Where he states Palin reminds him of a parrot brings back memories of the skit of the dead parrot. “It’s dead. Oh no, it’s just sleeping. No, it’s dead.” Which, hopefully, on Nov. 5th, so will be Sarah Palin’s political career. She can just go back to Alaska and be reprimanded for unethical abuse of power.
    As in the two previous Presidential elections, the populace of nations outside of the U.S. cannot fanthom that Americans actually consider such illegitimate candidates for office. Cleese says it clearly, “The truth is Sarah Palin is no way good enough.” Hopefully, the American people will hear what the rest of the world knows!

  2. Fran, I know — I lust LOVE his “guffaw” at the beginning!

    Morgan, Monty Python’s Flying Circus on PBS! Yes! That was a big event every Saturday night for me, too!

    John Cleese is a genius. I love to watch reruns of Fawlty Towers, too.

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