John McCain flatlines in debate

It seems I made a wise choice in getting some sleep last night rather than stay up and watch the debate. (Yes, being awake past 10 o’clock is “staying up” — you try getting up everyday at 5:30 and driving an hour to work, and see how long you last watching Letterman every night!)

This morning, I’ve seen a few right-wing bloggers saying McCain “won” the debate, but overall it seems the consensus of most of the reporting is that McCain came off as an angry old white man, while Obama kept his cool and seemed more … Presidential.  Talk Left has a nice collection of reports from around the country, including:

from Patrick Healy at the New York Times:

tetchy … increasingly inconsistent and testy … churlish … tactics and tone appeared not to help him … voice turned edgy at times … frozen smile and wide eyes — which blinked frequently and distractingly at times — seemed a little strange … [quoting Robert Shrum] “confused, ineffective, at times stumbling”

From Mary McNamara at the Los Angeles Times:

at times could not contain himself, muttering and issuing small grunts … eye-widening and explosive snorts … simply rude

Gee, I’m sorry I missed it.



  1. I watched for about fifteen minutes, they started to get mean and I couldn’t stand it.

    I went to bed.

    if anyone can’t see the PTSD in McCain’s eyes, if they can’t see the seething rage… I don’t know what they are watching.

  2. “McCain was completely incapable of sustaining any momentum, and clumsily returned again and again to his “Joe the Plumber” gimmick. It was clear that John had “jumped the shark” when he began talking directly to the unseen “Joe”, and congratulating him for being “rich”. I think he realized too that he had blown his “last best chance”. His eyes started flittering back and forth like he was lost and scared, and he began to make the faces that have been the source of so much speculation regarding his temperament and stability.”

    Read more at SERENDIPITY.

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