Right-wing has officially “jumped the shark”

I don’t usually like to use phrases like “jump the shark” because they get pretty overused pretty quickly. But the right-wingers of the Republican Party have left me no choice.Their desperation just calls out for the phrase. In case you don’t know, “jump the shark” came into the American lexicon in the final days of the 1970s sitcom “Happy Days.” Ratings were down in its final episodes, and the writers were desperate to do something — anything — to attract viewers. Nothing was too outlandish! So what did they do? They had The Fonz … jump a shark.

And now we have the cast of characters of the Republican Party who see the presidential election slipping from their hands, and thus we have these headlines:

Rep. Hayes: ‘Liberals Hate Real Americans That Work And Achieve And Believe In God’

Limbaugh repeats Powell accusation: ‘IT WAS TOTALLY ABOUT RACE!’

Lars Larson: Progressives Are ‘Marxist’ — But Don’t Call Conservatives ‘Fascist’

McCain: Obama Campaign Has ‘Savaged’ Joe The Plumber

Pfotenhauer Insults Virginians: ‘Real Virginia’ Is Only Where McCain Is Winning

Bachmann Calls For McCarthyite Investigation Into Anti-American Activities Of Liberals

Cue The Fonz …


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